Dental Emergencies

See Us For Urgent Dental Care

  • Same-day emergency appointments are available
  • Relax with soothing laughing gas
  • Benefit from our years of experience
Receive Fast Help for Your Gallatin Dental Emergencies

Receive Fast Help for Your Gallatin Dental Emergencies

You can feel confident in the team at Fields Family Dentistry to handle all your dental emergencies in Gallatin. We’re experienced in treating a wide range of problems. Just like our longtime patients do, you can trust us with your smile. When you come see us with a dental crisis, we will:

  • Offer you inhaled sedation using laughing gas to help you relax
  • Quickly assess your immediate needs and get you out of pain
  • Recommend restorative dentistry or other treatments to get your smile back in shape
  • Provide follow-up care to ensure that your smile stays healthy for life

If you’re in pain and your smile is in jeopardy, call us now at 615-461-4403 to get the help you need. We can usually fit you in the same day for your emergency. Our office is conveniently located on Hartsville Pike, not far from Sumner Regional Medical Center and Stompin’ Grounds Coffee House.

Trust Our Team to Preserve Your Smile in a Dental Emergency

Just like any other kind of crisis, you never know when a dental emergency might occur. You could be enjoying your favorite meal and suddenly break a tooth when biting down, or you might get hit accidentally and one of your teeth pops out. No matter the situation, Dr. Fields and our team can help. We’ve seen just about every kind of dental emergency over the years, so you’re in good hands here.

We often use these treatments to help our patients through a dental emergency:

  • Tooth Fillings – A tooth-colored filling will stop your pain and make biting and chewing easier.
  • Root Canal Treatment – This procedure will eliminate your toothache and save your tooth from extraction in most cases.
  • Dental Crowns – We can cover a damaged tooth with a crown to strengthen it and prevent further problems.
  • Tooth Removal – When there’s no way to save your damaged tooth, we’ll gently extract it to restore your oral health.
  • Dental Restoration Repair – We can repair your dentures or bridge to put your smile back in shape.

Don’t suffer any longer! Call the team at Fields Family Dentistry now at 615-461-4403 for any Gallatin dental emergencies. For a non-emergency need, you can also request an appointment online.


Common Questions About Dental Emergencies
What can you do for my dental emergency?

When you come in for a dental emergency, we’ll first assess your condition to determine the next steps. Depending on your situation, we will recommend particular services to restore your smile. They may include a tooth-colored filling to repair dental decay, a dental crown to strengthen a damaged tooth, a root canal to repair an infected tooth, or a tooth extraction if we’re not able to save your tooth.

What if I have a dental emergency without insurance?

At our practice, it doesn’t matter if you have dental insurance or not. We feel you deserve the same beneficial treatment to repair your smile in either case. To make your care more affordable, consider third-party financing through CareCredit, which offers attractive payment plans.

What are some common dental emergencies?

Some of the emergencies we treat most often are cracked and broken teeth, broken dental restorations, and painful toothaches caused by infection. You should see us as soon as possible if you’ve lost or damaged a tooth, if you are bleeding and having trouble getting it to stop, or if you’re experiencing any kind of pain.